REID LOSES IT: Joy Flips Out, Says GOP ‘Fascists’ Fabricating Polls to Steal Midterm Election

MSNBC’s Joy Reid promoted more conspiracy theories this week when she bizarrely claimed Republicans were fabricating “junk polls” to sway voters before the Midterm Election.

From Fox News:

MSNBC’s Joy Reid pushed another conspiracy theory of her own Monday night by suggesting that Republican polling firms were fixing results to favor their political party.

“The ReidOut” host attacked polls continuing to suggest that Republican candidates are surging ahead of the midterm elections. In addition to claiming that their results were wrong, she insisted that there were part of an “insidious” plan to affect the media narrative.

“If you get past those headlines and dig a little deeper, you would uncover an insidious and seemingly intentional campaign from Republican-backed polling firms to flood the zone and tip the balance of polling averages in favor of their candidates, to create a narrative that Republicans are surging and that a red wave is imminent and inevitable,” Reid said.

Using reports from Democratic pollster Simon Rosenberg, Reid said that “more than half” of recent midterms polls are from “Republican firms or groups.”