NYC ON EDGE: Al Sharpton to Deliver Eulogy at Funeral of Jordan Neely

Reverend Al Sharpton will deliver the eulogy at Jordan Neely’s funeral after the homeless vagrant died during an altercation with a US Marine aboard the New York City Subway system.

The service will be held in Harlem on Friday.

“As we face sorrow, pain, and uncertainty in the wake of Jordan’s senseless killing, it is crucial that we come together in the spirit of healing, action, and perseverance,” said Rev. Johnnie Melvin Green, Jr., Mount Neboh’s lead pastor.

He continued, “I can think of no one better, no one more equipped to meet this moment with that grace and guidance than Rev. Sharpton.”

Neely died on May 1st after US Marine Daniel Penny placed the homeless man in a chokehold after eyewitnesses claim he threatened to kill passengers on the subway.

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