NEW WORLD ORDER: Now is Not The Time to Screw Around

China and Russia’s leaders have pledged to make a “new world order” based on their brand of governing. They sealed their promise with a swarm of Iranian suicide terror drones blasting Kyiv.

Joe Biden issued the first veto of his presidency, shooting down a Republican ban on the Labor Department’s impending rule to allow huge government pension funds like CALPERS to invest not based on their fiduciary duty to their participants (i.e. to maximize the value of the fund) but on environmental, social and governance scores (ESG) that supposedly benefit “society” (but mostly friends of Democrats).

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a Harvard-educated Harlem native, is focusing on a seven year old case against Donald J. Trump, to create a spectacle of arresting the man for anything, a fever dream of the left. Trump has committed so many acts of perfidy, it’s hard to know where to start, so Stormy Daniels is as good a place as any.

Without feeding the circus, I’ll opine here. I think that someone should arrest Trump, and do it in the most spectacular way possible. The perp walk, handcuffs, 32 black SUVs with heavily armed unsmiling agents, with CNN and MSNBC crews all over it. Let Trump have his moment of martyrdom, and call forth his hordes to protest. Let’s see if any given group can exceed a few dozen willing to join Trump in jail. Of course, Trump won’t serve a single day in jail, not like those who throw their lot in with him (like Michael Cohen).

This would accomplish two things. One: it would show that most people are exhausted with Trump and even if they are sympathetic to him, they aren’t interested in another January 6th to save his criminal behind. Two: it would expose the corrupt and bad-faith hypocrisy of those willing to excuse the bused-in violent protests at Atlanta’s South Woods, unwilling to call them what they’re charged with being: domestic terrorists. According to a Daily Signal analysis of pay records, the FBI has spent 16,000 more man-hours (7.84 man-years) dealing with January 6th crimes than investigating BLM riots. It’s time for those hours to pay off. Anyone willing to take to the streets and commit violence in the name of Trump should be charged as a domestic terrorist. I bet you’ll hear that loud and clear from the same people who call the 23 in Atlanta “activists.”

In the end, it would be wonderful if Trump got justice, good and hard. But don’t you think we, Americans, are a bit too focused inward when the rest of the world is dealing with more substantial issues?

The headlines of most national newspapers yesterday focused on the U.N. IPCC report on Climate Change. They’re telling us, once again, that this is the absolute last chance to save the planet. Meanwhile, Russia and China (and Iran) are setting themselves up as the new master axis of tyranny. Russia and China don’t care about climate change, except when it helps them. They let the U.S. pay all the “green tax” money while they continue to pump out greenhouse gas.

Our president is 80 years old, and hasn’t decided (or announced at least) if he will run for another term, which, if he wins, will take him to the ripe age of 85 in office. Donald Trump is 76 years old. Fox News, in its cupidity, refuses to break the Trump cult, and panders to it in exchange for their eyeballs (and advertiser money). CNN and MSNBC obsessively oppose Trump and protect Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, with the exception of Australia, America is patted on the head and sent to the corner because we can’t figure out what we really want, and the people running our country are presiding over a demented circus of Ben Gay and extra-large print note cards. Or worse, nobody is running the country.

Now is not the time to screw around, but that’s exactly what we’re doing.

If we continue to screw around, the only culture war we’ll have to worry about will be whether our kids should learn Mandarin or Russian.

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