NATIONAL DISGRACE: Mob of 40 Attacks US MARINES in California

Footage surfaced on social media Tuesday showing a group of US Marines being viciously attacked by a rowdy mob in California over the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend.

From the Daily Mail:

Horrific video shows the moment a group of self-identified US Marines were savagely beaten by as many as 40 teenagers after the service members confronted them about their unruly behavior on a California beach.

The victims said they were simply walking along the beach in San Clemente, California, when they were attacked by the mob at about 10pm Friday night – the start of Memorial Day weekend. 

Frightening video posted online showed two victims curled up in the fetal position on the ground as the crowd continued to kick them, hurling profanities and racial slurs. A third Marine was also attacked but not shown in the footage.

The men sustained minor injuries, and refused to be transported to a local hospital in the aftermath, Orange County Sheriff’s deputies say.