MARINE ARRESTED: Alvin Bragg Charges Marine for Chokehold Death of NYC Homeless Man

US Marine Daniel Penny was arrested Friday and charged with Manslaughter by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg over his role in the chokehold-death of a homeless man aboard the city’s subway system.

From the NY POST:

Ex-Marine Daniel Penny surrendered to authorities Friday morning, 11 days after he placed homeless man Jordan Neely in a fatal chokehold on an F train.

Penny, 24, was arrested on a second-degree manslaughter charge after arriving at the 5th Precinct in Lower Manhattan just after 8 a.m.

He arrived in a black SUV, wearing a dark suit and black sneakers. He didn’t speak or answer any questions as he walked into the precinct.

Penny turned himself in less than 24 hours after the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office revealed it would pursue charges against him. 

Speaking outside the precinct, Penny’s lawyer, Thomas Kenniff, said he surrendered “voluntarily” and with “dignity.”