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If we don’t acknowledge the reality of the political enemy we’re facing, how can we hope to defeat it?

Radical leftists are indoctrinating kids as early as pre-school with radical gender theory. Woke corporations are forcing “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” All while the global elites are stripping you of your power to fight back.

The Marxist takeover of America is here, and it’s destroying everything we value.

That stops now. The Liz Wheeler Show is an unapologetic exposé on the corruption that underpins the administrative state and the so-called “experts.” Distilling the most complex issues of the day and elucidating the Left’s murky motives, Liz Wheeler looks beyond policy to find solutions to our underlying problems. In each and every episode, The Liz Wheeler Show is your guide to the frontlines of the culture wars, defining the battles that will shape our nation for the next century.

Premiering Monday through Friday each morning, The Liz Wheeler Show is the reality check we all need. From Critical Race Theory to ESG, Queer Theory, and beyond, join us to discuss everything the experts and the mainstream media don’t want you to see.

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