LIAR IN CHIEF: Biden Repeats Debunked Story About Amtrak Conductor

President Biden repeated a familiar lie during a speech on Monday claiming an Amtrak conductor congratulated him for traveling one million miles on the train commuting between Wilmington, Delaware and Washington, D.C.

Watch Biden tell his tall-tale:

“I was going home as a United States senator–as vice president–and one of the conductors said to me, ‘Hey Joe, big deal, a million–whatever–200–.’ He said, ‘You’ve traveled over a million miles on Amtrak,’ Biden told the audience.

“I said, ‘How the hell do you know that?’ And they added it up there,’ Biden added.

There’s one problem with the story–the conductor who supposedly said this to Biden, Angelo Negroni, retired from Amtrak in 1993 and had died by the time Biden became Vice President.

The Associated Press fact-checked the story back in 2021:

It’s plausible that Biden logged 1.2 million train miles as vice president by early 2016, based on accounts around the time by Biden and David Lienemann, the vice president’s official photographer. But Negri had long retired as an Amtrak conductor, in 1993, and died in May 2014.

This is the eighth time Biden has repeated this false story publicly since being elected president.