FETTERMAN 2024? MSNBC Throws Fetterman’s Hoodie Into the Ring for 2024, ‘Makes You Wonder’

MSNBC is soft launching John Fetterman’s 2024 campaign. During a recent discussion among MSNBC panelists, Katy Tur was impressed by the way Fetterman ran his campaign and suggested bigger things may be in his future.

“Fetterman as a nominee at some point for president, um, I know there are some variables, obviously,” MSNBC panelist Katy Tur said to Jen Psaki, Michael Steele and Andrea Mitchell. “But I just, you know, what he did in the super-red, deep red parts of Pennsylvania, and the way that he ran ahead of Biden, as you said, ran ahead of Trump, it just makes you wonder about his future.”

Watch the clip below: