ELON MOCKS KAMALA: Musk Says A.I. Czar Should Be Someone ‘Who Can Fix Their Own WiFi Router’

Elon Musk roasted Kamala Harris on Twitter Tuesday, saying Biden’s pick to lead the administration’s response to the growing threat of artificial intelligence should be someone who”can fix their own WiFi router.”

“Von Neumann … would obviously be a bridge too far, but maybe someone who can fix their own wifi router wouldn’t be too much to ask,” posted Musk on Twitter.

Harris has been meeting with top technology executives at the White House in recent days after assuming her new role.

From Fox News:

The jokes seemed to write themselves last week after the Biden administration announced Vice President Kamala Harris, known for her vapid word salad speeches and obvious gaslighting, would now run point on artificial intelligence. Even I jumped in on the action, noting on FOX Business that Harris was more associated with the word “artificial” than the word “intelligence.”  

All joking aside, the future of AI technology is a serious issue. With her approval ratings in the toilet and President Biden showing obvious signs of age-related decline, Kamala Harris (and by that I mean the Democratic Party) urgently needs a way to rehabilitate her historically unpopular image ahead of the 2024 presidential race. This is not the way.

On this issue, like so many before it, Harris is out of her depth. Her past attempts to talk about complicated policy issues often sound like they’ve been dumbed down for a kindergarten audience. Her incoherent speeches have repeatedly gone viral. It’s not just Greg Gutfeld getting mileage out of Harris’ viral gaffes and ramblings.