DRY DON: CNN Tells Hosts to Stop Getting Stupid Drunk on New Year’s Eve Show

No more drunk Don Lemon on New Year’s Eve.

According to a report from The Daily Wire, during a recent company town hall meeting, CNN CEO Chris Litch told hosts and anchors that this year’s New Year’s Eve broadcast would be mostly alcohol-free.

From The Daily Wire:

This year will be the first New Year’s Eve show overseen by Licht since he took over the network in February. During the meeting, Licht reportedly told staffers that drinking on-air eroded the presenters’ credibility and “respectability.”

CNN flagship anchor Anderson Cooper has hosted the program since 2002. Cooper’s friend, radio and TV host Andy Cohen, joined the show in 2017, replacing comedienne Kathy Griffin. Lemon and other hosts often broadcast from other locations around the country. The program has been known for the antics the hosts get into. Notable instances include: Griffin completely encasing Cooper in tin foil to celebrate 10 years hosting the show together; Lemon having his ear pierced live on air; reporter Randi Kaye following a group of pot smokers on a “Puff, Pass, and Paint party” while riding on a bus; and CNN reporter Bill Weir getting a tattoo on air.