DON FOR RON: Trump Casts Vote for DeSantis, Says GOP Going to Have a ‘Great Night’

Former President Donald Trump has revealed who he voted for in the Florida gubernatorial election.

According to a report from Fox News, Trump voted for incumbent Governor and suspected 2024 opponent Ron DeSantis; when asked if he voted for DeSantis, Trump said “I did.”

“I think we’re gonna have a great night. I think it’s gonna be great to the country. It’s an honor to be here. They’ve done a fantastic job, but I think we’re gonna have a very big night, and it’s gonna be very exciting,” Trump told reporters gathered outside the polling place.

From Fox News:

Republicans across the country centered their campaigns around the economy, inflation and rising crime, leading to a significant advantage in polls just before Election Day.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, first in line to replace Nancy Pelosi as Speaker if Republicans win, says his Party will focus on repealing plans to add 87,000 new agents to the IRS, as well as open investigations into President Biden’s administration.

“The one thing you always have to remember is majorities are not given — they’re earned,” McCarthy told Fox News Digital last week. “We never take anything for granted, but I feel good because of the quality of the candidates we have running from Rhode Island to New Hampshire to Connecticut to Oregon to Washington to Arizona to California.”

“There is no place we can’t compete and that’s what is exciting,” he added.