DISGUSTING: CNN Describes Ohio Train Crash Victims as ‘Political Extras for Donald Trump’

CNN faced another backlash on social media Thursday after the network’s homepage described Ohio train crash victims as “political extras” for Republican presidential candidates.

“A massive clean-up is underway, officials are testing local water systems, wells, streams and creeks, and multiple investigations are beginning. But these Ohioans in the epicenter of an environmental crisis, which suddenly arrived on their doorsteps on February 3, are also becoming political extras on an early stage for GOP White House candidates like former President Donald Trump,” writes CNN.

“Whenever disaster strikes in divided America, toxic politics isn’t far behind, and derailments – like hurricanes, industrial accidents and transportation meltdowns – come with a political scorecard that adversaries leverage to try to damage those in power. Republicans are using the derailment to claim that while President Joe Biden is lavishing billions on Ukrainians he visited in a daring trip to wartime Kyiv this week, he is neglecting needy Americans back home,” adds the network.