DEADBEAT HUNTER: Judge Blasts First Son’s Legal Team As He Dodges Child Support Payments

During Monday’s court proceedings in Batesville, Arkansas, Judge Holly Meyer criticised lawyers for Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden, for withholding financial data in his ongoing child support battle with Lunden Roberts, the mother of his 4-year-old daughter. Meyer said that the ability to redact information was being abused, ordering Biden’s legal team to refile papers. It remains unclear exactly what financial information was concealed.

Biden had reopened his paternity case in September 2020 to reduce his monthly child support payments, which total $20,000, arguing that he had experienced a “substantial material change” in his income. The judge required him to provide detailed financial documents.

Biden and Roberts will now both face deposition in mid-June and answer further written questions about their finances, with Roberts’ attorney Clinton Lancaster accusing Biden of providing “incomplete answers” and failing to reveal who purchased his art, as well as its estimated value.

The legal battle between the two began in 2019 when Roberts filed a paternity suit after Biden initially denied fathering the child. A DNA test later confirmed that he was the father. Biden’s lawyers claim that he has paid Roberts around $750,000 in child support so far.

Roberts’ attorneys rejected Biden’s claims of financial hardship in court filings last week, arguing that he is “living lavishly” and has “some of the most expensive attorneys on planet Earth,” as well as being able to travel on Air Force One.

The judge had previously ruled that any financial records submitted by Biden would be kept private.