CITY IN CRISIS: Overwhelmed NYC to Turn Churches Into Migrant Shelters

The Big Apple is starting to feel more like a border town as it takes steps to address the ongoing migrant crisis. New York City Mayor Eric Adams by partnering with 50 houses of worship across the five boroughs to provide overnight shelter for migrants starting in July. According to city officials, each location will accommodate 19 single adult men, with a projected total of nearly 1,000 migrants expected to be housed in these faith-based spaces by August.

Simultaneously, the city will establish five daytime centers, offering legal services and additional resources, to support migrants during the day. The program will be coordinated by the New York Disaster Interfaith Services organization.

Mayor Eric Adams expressed his pride in the new partnership, stating, “Not only will this increase the space we have by nearly 1,000 beds, but it will also connect asylum seekers with local communities.” He emphasized the importance of addressing the humanitarian crisis and providing support to those in need.

While the exact financial details are still being worked out, a spokesperson for the mayor estimated that the cost per migrant staying in one of these houses of worship would be approximately $125. The initiative aims to create a compassionate and inclusive environment, connecting migrants with local communities and fostering a sense of belonging.