WATCH: Chicago Residents RAGE at Plans to House Hundreds of Migrants in Their Neighborhood

In a charged public meeting held at South Shore International College Prep, residents of the South Shore neighborhood in Chicago voiced vehement opposition to the city’s plan to house 250-500 incoming immigrants in a closed local school. The crowd, agitated by a proposal they viewed as a misdirection of resources, drowned out city officials’ presentation with shouts of “We don’t care” and “We don’t want them here.”

Watch outraged Chicago residents blast their elected officials:

The tension reached a fever pitch when some attendees shouted, “Send them back” and “Close the border.” A notable display of dissent was a sign held aloft, reading, “Build the wall 2024.”

Critics argue that resources being used for this initiative should be redirected towards investment in the South Side. This public outcry comes at a time when Texas Governor Greg Abbott announces plans to dispatch thousands more undocumented migrants to sanctuary cities, including Chicago and NYC.

In response to the influx of migrants, Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot declared an emergency, terming it a “national humanitarian crisis.” The contentious plan, which has stirred local resentment, highlights the ongoing struggle cities across the US face in addressing the challenging issue of immigration.