BORDER ON FIRE: Joe Sets Record, More Than 230,000 Migrant Encounters Logged in October

The crisis at the border continues with very little intervention from the Biden Administration.

According to Fox News, more than 230,000 migrant encounters were logged in October —the first month of fiscal year 2023. Border correspondent Bill Melugin shared the numbers on Twitter:

“BREAKING: CBP reports there were 230,678 migrant encounters at the border in October, the first month of fiscal year 2023. It is an enormous increase over recent Octobers.”

OCT FY’23 : 230,678
OCT FY’22 : 164,837
OCT FY’21 : 71,929
OCT FY’20: 45,139
OCT FY’19: 60,781 

From Fox News:

October’s numbers show a 1.3% increase over September, according to the CBP. Nearly 20% of those apprehended this month had tried to cross the border at least once before in the past 12 months. The border crisis has been a major problem under President Biden’s administration, with several Republican governors taking drastic measures to address the issue.

Multiple CBP sources also told Fox News that the department saw roughly 64,000 “gotaways” in October, meaning roughly 2,000 migrants slipped past border patrols every day.

Biden’s administration has insisted that the U.S.-Mexico border is “closed” despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

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