BET ON IT! DeSantis’ 2024 Betting Odds Better Than Trump for First Time in Wake of Midterms

According to a Fox Business report, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has disrupted the betting markets after his landslide win in the Florida gubernatorial race on Tuesday night; he defeated Charlie Crist by 1.5 million votes.

“Incredible shift in the odds for President in 2024! @RonDeSantisFL overtook Trump for the first time,” said Maxim Lott, co-founder of the website 

From Fox Business:

Lott’s website averages live odds pulled from numerous election betting markets. The website now gives DeSantis a 26.8% chance of winning the presidency in 2024, representing a 11.8% shift of the odds in his favor in just the last day. Former President Donald Trump slid out of first place, falling to 18.4% odds of re-taking the White House.

President Joe Biden stands at 15% betting odds to win re-election and other long-shot candidates rank in the single-digits.

Lott attributed the significant shift toward DeSantis to his dominant re-election performance, defeating Democratic candidate Charlie Crist by nearly 19 points. 

The Florida governor overtook Trump “because DeSantis just won a swing state with an crazy 20% margin. For comparison, he won his race in 2018 by just 0.4%,” Lott said.