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You now have more ways than ever to watch the fresh voices and bold opinions from The First TV. The best way is to download The First TV app and put the top destination for freedom-first opinion and analysis in the palm of your hand or right on your TV. Get it now and you’ll also be able to watch shows and clips on-demand, as well as get important alerts about big shows and topics.

The First TV app is simple and easy to use and makes watching The First quick and streamlined. If you have a smart TV, an Apple TV player, a Fire TV stick, or a Roku device, you can also get it on your TV.

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The First TV app is available on Android, IOS (iPhone), Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and now Apple TV. Click on the provider below to download the app on your favorite device (or simply search “The First TV”) and start watching now!

If you want to pause, rewind, or watch your favorite shows on-demand, then take two minutes and get the app. Take Bill, Dana, Buck, Jesse, and Mike with you wherever you go!

Don’t want to get the app? That’s OK, you can watch every program LIVE by clicking the play button on the player below. That’s it! It’s that simple! Looking for clips of your favorite shows on The First? We got you covered! You can catch all the action from every show on our YouTube channel when you follow us. Click here to subscribe (for FREE) to our YouTube channel!

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